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Our story

We are SAMANYA social enterprise. A Society for the advancement of Moral Education and Nurturing of Youthful aspirations.

We believe in Humanity i.e. the quality of being Humane, who has compassion, gentleness, brotherly love feelings. We believe in Morality which taught us the basic difference between right & wrong. These principles of conduct lead our way & make us an Ethical person with values. We believe in Equality which means "non-discrimination with each other" where we treat people equally but not treated differently or less favourably. That could mean Civil, Political, Economic, Natural and Social Equality.

We are ambitious and eager to "Bring change in society by spreading positivity within an individual" 


Come and become a part of us & help us to spread humanity which is indispensable as most of the individuals have forgotten this in today's time!

Mission: To bring change & self-awareness within the society in general and individuals in particular through the delivery of moral education and values.

Vision: To galvanize a mass revolution to end man-made evils besotting our world today by nurturing values of positivity, humanity, equality and togetherness in humankind.  

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