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Are we heading in the Right Direction?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Values are the beliefs that guide or Motivate us. They determine our priorities and what is important to us. Every person has its own set of values but in the end most people have a similar objective like to be happy, have a loving & healthy family, earn respect and time for oneself. But in the process, many people become so desperate that they try to achieve those objectives by hook or by crook! No one generally focuses on the journey one has created or on the circumstances of negativity that one has spread.

Let us see how we are marching towards it:

When we do not like other people's opinion , we start saying negative things about each other, even start abusing each other on social media just to feel superior or to get the feeling of righteousness. Nowadays, People respond instantly without even reading or knowing the facts of any news. People follow the trends blindly but, they forget who creates the trend, they forget who makes the crowd . It is You & I, guys!

The crowd is formed by people like us. If you & I are following each other's opinions then how do you know the person you followed is not following others. So stop following another person's thoughts. Make your own opinion; own thought, own values or even beliefs. 

Do not start believing in what everyone is saying. However, This does not mean you shut yourself in a room & create your own world. NO! Share your thoughts with others politely, but if someone is not agreeing with you on something then do not start abusing and disrespecting each other on social media. Give respect to Everyone’s Opinion.

pic via AP Photos/Saurabh Das

Also, Nowadays, there is a trend of doing strikes/protests violently and not peacefully. Example: JNU students strike against fee hike & dress code, BHU students Protest against 'Muslim' faculty, Tripura residents Protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill which killed the 2-month-old child as the ambulance did not reach the hospital on time due to protest. 

We need to realize that like every right comes with a Duty, our Right to protest comes with a duty to ensure it does not cause any  public inconvenience or a nuisance to civic fabric of the society. Isn't the premise or even objective of any protest a continuity of peace & happiness in our surroundings

Friends, If you have a different opinion about any public issue or a government policy, you also have a right to go to courts & file PILs (Public Interest Litigation) peacefully. Publicly Protesting is not wrong inherently but a wrong approach to protest through violent means is unconstitutional and furthermore, it diminishes the cause for which you are taking a stand through its negative externalities.

Is It not True that !

It is WE, who are creating trouble in our society.

It is WE, who are not helping the economy to grow as we are focusing on unproductive work & breaking public property which is funded in taxes by our family members only.

It is WE, who are creating a difference between our people based on religion.

It is WE, who are not helping each other in bad circumstances and clicking photos or making videos when other is in trouble (gujarat coaching centre fire incident).

It is WE, who are breaking the law, 

It is WE, who are disrespecting each other religions, 

It is WE, who are letting OUR PEOPLE DIE !


It is WE, who are dividing our NATION!!!

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