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Cultural Diversity is our Strength

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Let’s first talk about “Conservative Thinking”

Why ?

Because if we understand it then understanding what is Cultural Diversity becomes easy.

So, Why do you think does Conservative thinking exist?  Why do we call some people conservative thinkers or term some cultural/political parties/companies as Conservatives.

Think for a second…

I hope most people have got the answer.

Actually, Conservative is Status-quo. Most people do not want to change except a few. Whosoever does, she brings some type of a revolution in her respective field - in a country, society or a company ,which could be small or big . That does not matter.

So, what matters to us…

How have they brought about the change?

How have they overcome or dealt with the tough situation?

( I have left these question open for you to think and then express in the comment section)

Further to Individual Conservatism, Social Conservatism tends towards social stability and belief that a society should follow some kind of traditional value setup or established institutions. It heavily relies on the fact that present problems have a solution in the past way of doing things. But actually, that theoretical concept is not applicable where CHANGE is necessary or required. This concept is only valid for our experiences, which one should not make a past mistake in the present scenario.   

Social Conservatism causes a halt in social evolution irrespective whether these rules/norms are valid or not in the current situation. Even animals tend to adapt themselves then why can our culture or norms not adapt in a positive way to solve the problem of society rather than persisting it.

You can relate more to the importance of Change by taking the example of your own body. When we were an infant, our body was very sensitive and we had a very limited scope of food variety or physical activity otherwise we would got infected. But as we were growing up, we needed more variety of food, more physical activity for a healthy body or to get the strength to fight with diseases.

Hope you get the point we are trying to make!

Now, Let us see what is Cultural Conservatism?

What is culture? How do we define it? Is it How we celebrate? Well, you may say “Culture is Diwali/ EID/Gurupurab/Holi celebration or Christmas day/ Thanksgiving ceremony.

It is more than that...

In some cultures, you differentiate between your daughter and son, give preference in everything to son and make your daughter a servant to her brothers (serving food/water to him as he does not have own hand or legs). You say,  Girls should do household work, should not participate in house’s important decisions, should not work outside for her independence otherwise she will get trapped , should go outside only after permission & come back home early if she does, she should not take own decisions for herself like what to wear, what to eat, should not make friendship with boys, should not have phone, should speak less and listen more, and if she gets married she should wake up early before other household male members to get things ready to serve them rather than start her morning with fresh breeze for herself, as if she does not deserve a life of her own at all. She exists only for these vicious cycle household work, cover herself, and should not argue if she does not like something.  She should leave her job after a child is born to take care of it.

The list is too long… leave it!

But most of the people must be saying this is not true in today’s world. We do agree with you but that’s also not true completely. There is a majority of the population that is still facing such or most of these restrictions. You should be happy if these are not happening in your vicinity as change is/has happened in our society.

Moreover, in terms of cultural diversity, we also differentiate each other’s festival or even each other’s God.

But actually culture is “ideas, arts, the way of life” that must change with the time.  

Festivals exist to unleash the inner brotherhood without engaging in surface formalities with each other. These are the series of events for spreading blessings for each other irrespective of religion, gender, colour, language, race etc. They are organised occasions with different names only. If you think deeply, every festival has same theme/basis i.e spreading happiness among each other, the feeling of healthy bonding, trust, healthier emotional statuses.

Festivals are our support system that keeps us reminding that we are one. God is One. Our religion, caste is not superior to others.

All these man-made things called caste, religion, race, language etc are made by us only to make ourselves feel superior which we are actually not. Only God is superior and he/she can be called in any form or name. We take birth and die in the same way as other race's people. We have the same colour of blood, our body requirements are same, we run on two legs and eat food by our hand that is not the thing like particular race person eats by his/her leg and runs on his/her hand.   

This above whole thing in laymen terms is called “Cultural Diversity”.  The existence of a variety of ourselves only. We have to understand and accept this. We are them and they are us. If you do not accept cultural diversity then you should not accept Biological or Food diversity. Cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature. Cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as Dietary diversity is for our body or diverse Stock Portfolios for our investment/business.

So, why do we discriminate, why do we call ourselves unique, why do we call ourselves superior. If you a rare species then should do something great for the society that brings joyfulness, ends inequality, spread Humanity and set yourself as an example for the society that everyone wants to become like you as a rare species. Girls have their skill and boys has their own. If we combine both then the only synergy is created.

Similarly, every religion has its specialities. Why do we not learn a good thing from each other and defeat faulty norms?  

At last, we just want to exhort you to stand up and stop this man-made discrimination, respect nature’s rule and bring revolution in our society or even within us as an individual.  

Come and become a part of us. Share your inspirational story of celebrating togetherness and influence others to understand the strength of Unity!

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Aug 27, 2019

Thanks Jasmit kaur for appreciation. We will try to cover on education as soon as possible


I am surprised how you relate the "Conservative Thinking" with Discrimination and Culture. While becoming Modern, we forget about the actual culture celebration mean. Now we celebrate just for the sake of Showoff and formality but not form the actual inner side of us.

The point of view of this article is very creative and engaging but still, some points are left that can be covered later on like the education system.

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