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Why do we Discriminate with each other?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Frankly, we have experienced this in our life sometimes or always and irrespective of having faced this ourselves, we continue to discriminate between the countries, states, cities, towns, society, locality, families & between family members. We, mostly Human beings, discriminate on everything in each other and judge people on their economic & educational backgrounds.

Not knowing people truly, for example what are their inner thoughts etc, we discriminate on superficial physical & monetary things which are created by human being itself. But we, at SAMANYA, are curious to know are these material things created for convenience or to create a ground of discrimination among human beings-by human beings?

Now, Let us move to the crux of discrimination. So, why does discrimination happen? Do we have some inferiority complex or we always find the “Grass greener on the other side”? :P

There are so many reasons which you can justify for doing discrimination or for judging others. Think by yourself logically, what are they? Do they exist in reality? If yes, they why? If no, then why are you doing this?

You will wonder to know that discrimination leads to significant mental & physical health consequences for victim as the one who is facing this will suffer from frustration, stress, anxiety or maybe depression and the perpetrator will also feel incomplete, inferior and will have trust issues with others. Believe, A Discriminator also would not be able to feel like a positive or a lively person even at a cheerful moment.

It is quite possible you would have witnessed discrimination but could not have reacted on this for example, in your “Office” as if you had acted against that, then there could have been some unfavourable outcomes for you in terms of your job security fearing that either you will not get promoted or they will fire you .

Believe us, Discrimination starts with office politics be it it is government office or private company. So, my next question is “why we do work”? Some do it for money(as situation demands), some give preference to power and some to both. Very few people do work for their actual inner satisfaction, which makes them internally happy. But in reality, that does not happen and this thing gives birth to “Office Politics”.

Do You know, we have always misunderstood the meaning of the word “Politics”. And, actually, it is a positive word and has a very broad definition. Politics reflects “a person’s opinion” about something. It reflects the logical thinking of a person. And, it is a particular set of principles. Do principles teach us about discrimination, racism, and inequity? Then why do we do the unfair treatment based on sex, gender, race, disability, colour, religion or national origin? Why do we cast our votes based on religion, caste, or gender? Why cannot we think logically and cast our vote rationally and sensibly? Is it that difficult? I will not be surprised if you say “Yes”. Because this is what we we have learnt from our childhood. Do cast your vote to your caste, your religion, your family member, your community etc irrespective of whether he/she is not the right and suitable person for the job. This is also a part of “Conservative Thinking”.

To bring the change in our society or within ourselves, we have to think differently, we have to take risks/chances, we have to own leadership , we have to take step forward towards societal progress which will meet the basic human needs, establish the roads that will enhance and sustain the quality of every individual life, and create the conditions for all individuals to reach their full potential.

We have to come together and bring mass revolution to end the Discrimination, Inequality, Unemployment, Conservative thinking, Violence/ Domestic Violence, Intolerance, Pollution, Water & Food wastage, Health disparities, Lack of rational education, Poverty and all others.

And at last, we just wanted to leave with you a thought to ponder over:

Why do we discriminate against each other when we want equality for ourselves?

Think and share your views and also share your discrimination story and how you overcame the situation or you went against it.

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Aug 27, 2019

Thanks ruhana for the appreciation. Pls spread your story through to the world our forum . We are waiting! Happy writing!


Aug 23, 2019

One of the different article i have came across. Appreciate the writer.

I am also a part of discrimination somehow. May be due to my religion, gender or what? I did nt understand that. Here in my world, veey less peoole judge me by my gender and religion rather then my skills.

Pls write more article on this topic. This is the story of most of the people.

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