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Does Education make us Rational or we make Education Rational?

Let us start by defining simple words like Education and Learning.

So, what do you understand by Education? What most people think is that it is a process of acquisition of theoretical knowledge or a specific skill set in any particular subject by going through classroom teaching in institutions like schools and colleges.

And, Learning is what we gain through our life experiences.

Now can you create the patterns or sequence of the following words like training, education, learning, understanding and knowledge in one sentence in terms of procuring perfection in something?

We will formulate it for you: "Education is training done to develop an aptitude and skill set to understand the information that helps to acquire the knowledge through learning"

You have got it... right?

Basically, what we are trying to say is that Knowledge is obtained after learning. For learning, you have to understand stuff. Understanding is how you perceive or interpret information. That is why, for learning something, first you have to understand it. It is not like that because you have learnt it, you have understood it. All the above words look similar but have their separate meanings. If we disturb any of these, the learning curve of getting to perfection will be steep!

Education is not about remembering the sin(θ) and cos(θ) formula but it is about how to use it in our real life in order to excel at it. Education is not about which emperor killed who but in what circumstance/conditions he did that, how he expanded his kingdom/empire and why? What were his/her qualities or traits which made him/her superior or unique?

Conclusively, for us, Education “is cultivating a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of learning”.

Learning is the pillar of everything. It is an outcome. It is a part of living. Learning happens naturally in our body as a social activity. We learn so many things about our body while growing up like what diet suits our body, when to take a bath, how to sweat. Same applies to our society. We are a social animal, period. It is our responsibility to create a practical environment of learning formally or informally in our vicinity rather than acquiring knowledge through rote learning and storing it within ourselves.

Learning makes us wise and informed to look beyond processes, spread awareness, and empowers us. Last but not the least learning make us a respectable Human Being who can spread values of Humanity, Morality, Equality, Positivity through our actions and thoughts.

To be a good human being, you don’t need to be educated but should have awareness of the learning process and should continuously work towards improving yourself and eradicating society’s shortcomings.

A literate, well-educated person may not be wiser or rational in his/her decision or actions. But, a person who learns from every aspect of life whether he/she is literate or illiterate, can be wiser and intellectual.

In the present education curriculum, the probability of our school and college curriculum teaching us practicalities of life is nil as it only teaches us how can one become a better person. It all depends on us whether we are going to apply it or not.

We see around us and find very few educated people invest their time or money towards the progress of society or humanity. Rather, those who come from the grassroots level and are not earning well are putting more efforts to bring a change in society because of their rational thinking. An irrational person takes the things for granted rather than act to work on flaws of himself in particular or society in general.

You must have read somewhere “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today

It is actually not entirely true, it must be modified as “Rational Education enables people to work together that brings change or progress in society, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today”

Or “Learning is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today

Education is not the passport to the future, learning is; actually, education is the passport of the present. If we don’t act right now towards achieving something valuable in a sustainable way for the self or society, the future can’t be good or progressive. Things will remain the same or start getting more worse.

At last, we have left a question for you to ponder upon “Does Education makes us Rational or we make Education Rational”?

Share your views on our forum or comment section. Also, share how can we bring change in our education system by our self rather through government or formal institutions help. It is our responsibility to bring change first, at our home rather than looking for others. To usher change!

Through this Samanya platform, there is an opportunity for every one of us to bring a mass revolution of change within ourselves and our society by contributing their valuable time to the most precious world which we call as “our home" and strive to make our neighbourhood lively for a better today and tomorrow!

We are waiting for your valuable inputs and stories about how you brought even a small change in yourself or nearby!

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